Friday, 20 November 2015

Four Steps to Becoming a CPA – Inspired by Barry Dufrene

Ever wanted to possess the skill and knowledge necessary to accurately complete a tax return that actually saves money? If the answer to that question was yes, a career as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) might prove to be rewarding. In addition to more efficiently handling one’s own finances, CPAs can also use their extensive understanding of difficult tax regulations to provide assistance to their community. Barry Dufrene, for example, is a CPA with over 30 years of experience who has dedicated his energy to helping St. Mary Parish. Here’s how to follow in his footsteps:

1.      Earn a high school diploma or equivalent.
2.      Attend a college or university and obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or another similar area such as Finance. It is important to know the requirements of the specific area where one intends on working as some states are very strict on their policies surrounding education while others allow for a substitution of hands on experience in place of a degree. Furthermore, some accounting companies and organizations might require a Master’s Degree in addition to a Bachelor’s Degree.
3.      As stated in step two, finding out the area of intended employment’s policies and requirements is crucial. In order to become certified a four part exam is always required. However, certain states in the US prefer for a prospective CPA to have several years of work experience before they can even qualify to take the exam.
4.      Once the exam is passed and area specific pre-requisites are satisfied, the title of CPA is now official. Begin looking for job opportunities or for the opportunity to open a new firm. 

Barry Dufrene is a Morgan City, Louisiana resident and CPA who followed these steps and advanced quickly in the field.


Friday, 6 November 2015

St. Mary Parish Resident Barry Dufrene

St. Mary Parish is home to 26 beautiful properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Among these are The Arlington Plantation House, Idlewild, and The Darby House. Barry Dufrene is a native of St. Mary Parish and has dedicated his life to helping the community. He spent 32 years as their Certified Public Accountant (CPA) operating mainly in the Sales and Use Tax Department.

Established in 1811, St. Mary Parish is a unique place on the coastal edge of southern Louisiana. The population in the Parish is just over 54,000 and has a population density of 98 people per square mile. Its seat is located in Franklin which is one of the area’s largest cities along with Morgan City and Patterson. What makes St. Mary Parish different from most places is the fact that an estimated fifty percent of its total mileage is water. Because of this fact, it is a popular area for energy operations.

One example of an energy operation within the Parish is Yellow Fin Marine Services, LLC. Yellow Fin was founded in 2006 by Mike Bailey as a brokerage firm. The company now has a large fleet of vessels and is primarily focused on the exploration of the waters along the Gulf of Mexico and southern Louisiana for the procuration of oil and energy.

Yellow Fin employed Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Barry Dufrene as the company’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in 2013. Since then, with Dufrene’s skills as a financial advisor and accountant, Yellow Fin has continued to grow exponentially. This, in turn, has provided numerous economical resources for St. Mary Parish.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Finding A Job As A New CPA – Featuring Barry Dufrene

After graduation, finding a job can be difficult. This is because most individuals are just starting out and have limited – if any – experience in their field. This is especially true for new Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) as companies might be wary of someone with no hands on experience when it comes to handling the financial lives of others. As a CPA for over 3 decades, Barry Dufrene is very familiar with this struggle. Here’s a little information on how he was able to succeed in the area.

The good news is, due to the current state of the US economy, CPAs are desired by business and individuals alike at an all-time high rate. This is due to confusing changes made to tax compliance laws. Individuals as well as larger companies are searching for CPAs who are familiar with the new processes to keep them ethical and in good standing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

A new CPA should plan on finding an entry-level position even if the ultimate goal is starting his or her own accounting firm. The experience gained – even if on a smaller scale – will be beneficial for providing a rapport with potential clients as well as offering a peek into what it will really be like to start a company. Some states even require an individual to gain several years of practical experience before he or she is allowed to take the certification exam. This can actually serve as a benefit providing hands on knowledge potential competitors may not have.

Barry Dufrene is a CPA who resides in Morgan City, Louisiana. He has over 32 years of experience and continues to use his talents not only for business but for the betterment of his community.