Thursday, 1 October 2015

Yellow Fin Marine Services - E & P Experts

Yellow Fin Marine Services, LLC is a new marine services company based in Houma, Louisiana. Yellow Fin works with energy companies on exploration and production operations. They provide their clients with equipment for Exploration and Production operations, from utility vessels to personnel trained to operate vessels in the Gulf Coast area.

All of Yellow Fin’s equipment is reliable and designed for safe operation by specially trained staff members. Yellow Fin delivers value to all of its clients with its customer service as well. All of the company’s staff members and officers are dedicated to making the company’s customers happy with their service. Yellow Fin’s policy is to deliver honest and respectful answers to all questions and concerns.

Yellow Fin Marine Services is a relatively new company, significantly expanding its operations in 2013. The company started as a brokerage company in 2006, when Mike Bailey started operations in the area. Experienced businessman John Cosgrove joined the management team in 2011, and the company bought its first 165 foot crew boat and its first 130 foot crew boat. In 2013, the company acquired five more crew boats and a 130 foot utility vessel for the use of its clients.

During Yellow Fin’s prodigious expansion in 2013, Barry Dufrene joined as the company’s Chief Financial Officer. Dufrene has decades of financial management experience, working with St. Mary Parish for 32 years in the tax department as a Certified Public Accountant. He has helped the company continue to grow and add clients in the energy industry in the Southern Louisiana area.